Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Whiskey Makes Me Frisky" Tee A Hot Seller once again due to Luke Bryan's recording of "Rain Is A Good Thing"

"Whiskey Makes Me Frisky" one of Viktor Viktoria's all time best selling Tees a hit again due to Luke Bryan's "Rain Is A Good Thing" song.

"Whiskey Makes Me Frisky" has been a big seller at Viktor Viktoria and ever since pussycat doll Nicole was photographed wearing this tee. Recently, we have noticed a big up surge in the sales of our "Whisky Makes Me Frisky" Tee both at Viktor Viktoria and at We attributed to the increased sales to the fact that Rex designed a timeless tee that any fan of Whisky would want but we were wrong! It seems that Luke Bryan's new song "Rain is a good thing" makes reference to Whisky making his "baby a little frisky."

The actual lyrics to the Luke Bryan song are:

Rain is good

Rain makes corn

Corn makes whisky

Whisky makes my baby

...a little Frisky!

No wonder our "Whisky Makes Me Frisky" Tee is selling so quickly!

Whiskyey Makes Me Frisky
Click here to view "Whiskey Makes Me Frisky" Tee at Viktor Viktoria

According to Luke Bryan he wrote the song corn is good for several reasons:

Luke is the son of a farmer so he knows about the power of rain. He grew up in Georgia and was always looking into the sky to see if rain was coming. He wrote "Rain is a Good Thing" because of the saying, "Rain make corn, corn makes whiskey" which was something they said often on the farm especially when the rain would prevent their plans of a fishing trip. they would say well "rain makes corn, corn makes whisky and whiskey makes my baby a little frisky" which would make them feel a little better about the rain and they realized that rain was actually a good thing afterall.

So, if you or your boyfriend are a fan of Luke Bryan, his album "Doin My Thing" features the song "Rain Is A Good Thing" which states Whiskey makes my baby a little frisky. If you like the song, you will like Viktor Viktoria's Tee "Whiskey Makes Me Frisky" We offer this "Whiskey Makes Me Frisky" Tee in both men's and women's sizes so maybe you can both order one.

Whiskey Makes Me Frisky at Viktor Viktoria

Whiskey Makes Me Frisky at Viktor Viktoria

Click here to view "Whiskey Makes Me Frisky" Tee at Viktor Viktoria

So stop in Viktor Viktoria located at Mayfair Mall or shop online at for our "Whiskey Makes Me Frisky" Tee. Wear it to your next Luke Bryan concert and you will be sure to have everyone stopping you to ask where you got such a great T-shirt. Have a great time - just don't drink too much Whiskey and stay out of trouble!