Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rhinestone Bracelet: Go Bright with the Rhinestone Bangle

Do you love eye catching jewelry pieces? Do you have to standout in a crowd with the items you own? The trend this summer is BRIGHTS, so take a look at this great new Rhinestone Bangle at Viktor Viktoria and

The Rhinestone Bangle has a large, dark pear shaped crystal as the centerpiece and multiple colored gemstones throughout.  Easy to slip on and perfect to wear with a little black dress or shorts and a tee the Rhinestone Bangle is a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. I love that this Rhinestone Bangle's colors resemble a peacock feather (I have an obsession with Peacocks!), plus it’s prefect for this summer’s bright trend.

The Rhinestone Bangle is great for wearing with that bright colored tank top. Also the Rhinestone Bangle makes a great gift for that special woman in your life, especially if she loves to stand out and dares to be different.  Get the Rhinestone Bangle at Viktor Viktoria and

Friday, June 29, 2012

Brown Rhinestone Bangle is Great with Flowy Dresses

It seems like this season the must have trend is natural fabric and flowy neutrals.  The same goes for jewelry so every girl should have the great Brown Rhinestone Bangle from Viktor Viktoria and in their jewelry box.

rhinestone bangle,

The RhinestoneBangle is a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe.  While bright and funky jewelry looks great with that lime green tank, you should have some simple pieces for wearing with that awesome peasant dress that’s where the Brown Rhinestone Bangle comes into play. This Brown Rhinestone Bangle is a silver bangle with multiple shades of brown rhinestones covering it.

For the girl who has jewelry in every color of the rainbow, the Brown Rhinestone Bangle is a must have for this summer’s flowy natural trend. I think that the Brown Rhinestone Bangle would go great with a cute little skirt and tee shirt to beat the heat and stay stylish.   Nab the Brown Rhinestone Bangle at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Red Dress: You'll be Red-Hot in the Red Foil Halter Dress

Are you looking for a great new sexy dress for this weekends party? Then grab the Red Foil Halter Dress from Viktor Viktoria and today.
Red Foil Halter Dress

The Red Foil Halter Dress is a halter style dress with a drapeneck look.  On the hem of the Red Foil Halter Dress is ruffle adding a bit of delicate femininity to an otherwise incredibly sexy dress. Keep in mind that the Red Foil Halter Dress is slightly see through so you’ll want to wear the appropriate items underneath.

Wear the Red Foil Halter Dress to the club for night out on the town.  Or keep the Red Foil Halter Dress in the bedroom and surprise that special someone.  Check out the Red Foil Halter Dress now at Viktor Viktoria and

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Handkerchief Dress: Look Hot in the Citron Handkerchief Dress

I feel like the key to summer fashion is light fabrics.  You can find really great light fashion with the Citron Handkerchief Dress from Viktor Viktoria and
Citron Handkerchief Dress

The Citron Handkerchief Dress is a light fabric dress in a real beautiful blend of greens, yellows and blues.  The Citron Handkerchief Dress is a maxi dress, so shorter girls may need to wear heels.  What’s great about the Citron Handkerchief Dress is it can be either casual or formal.

You can wear the Citron Handkerchief Dress while out running errands with flip flops, or wear the Citron Handkerchief Dress to a wedding with cute heels.  Snag the Citron Handkerchief Dress at Viktor Viktoria and today. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pink Halter Dress is Perfect for Summer Heat!

A huge new trend this summer is the hi/lo dress.  Viktor Viktoria and has a great Pink HalterDress.
Pink HalterDress

The Pink HalterDress is a shorter length dress, the front at the shortest point is above the knee.  The back of the Pink Hi/Lo Halter Dress comes to below the knee.  With the huge hi/lo dress trend booming you’ll fit right in with the Pink HalterDress.

Wear the Pink HalterDress to the beach with flip flops, and at night wear the Pink Hi/Lo Halter Dress with heels. Check out the Pink HalterDress now at Viktor Viktoria and

Monday, June 25, 2012

Green Halter Dress Go Green (With this Hi/Lo Dress That is!)

A huge new trend this summer is the hi/lo dress.  Of course, has a great Green Halter Dress.
Green Halter Dress
The Green Halter Dress is a shorter length dress, the front at the shortest point is above the knee.  The back of the Green Hi/Lo Halter Dress comes to below the knee.  With the huge hi/lo dress trend booming you’ll fit right in with the Green Halter Dress.

Wear the Green Halter Dress to the beach with flip flops, and at night wear the Green Hi/Lo Halter Dress with heels. Check out the Green Halter Dressnow at Viktor Viktoria and

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blue Flower Halter Dress is a Hot Summer Trend

A huge new trend this summer is the hi/lo dress.  Viktor Viktoria and has a great Blue Flower HalterDress.
Blue Flower HalterDress
The Blue Flower Halter Dress is a shorter length dress, the front at the shortest point is above the knee.  The back of the Blue Hi/Lo Halter Dress comes to below the knee.  With the huge hi/lo dress trend booming you’ll fit right in with the Blue Flower Halter Dress.

Wear the Blue Flower Halter Dress to the beach with flip flops, and at night wear the Blue Hi/Lo Halter Dress with heels. Check out the Blue Flower Halter Dress now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Catch a Fire Clothing: Cedella Marley of Catch a Fire Clothing Designed Jamaican Olympic Uniforms!

This year the Marley family will again be in the world’s spotlight!  Bob Marley ‘s oldest daughter Cedella Marley was asked to design the Jamaican Olympic teams’ uniforms.

The designer Cedella is well known for her clothing company Catch a Fire Clothing.  Her company’s clothing features images of Bob, song lyrics and bright colors. 

Catch a Fire Clothing
Cedella does not shy away from color in her Catch a Fire Clothing tees and dress.  And her Olympic uniforms are no different, full of bright colors and “Life”.

While you watch the Olympics this summer, cheer on Team Jamaica in your own Catch a Fire  Tee from Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sexy Cat Suit: Look Like a Million Bucks in the Lace Keyhole Body Stocking!

Are you looking for the PERFECT Body stocking for a night out on the town? Why not be super daring and get the Lace BodyStocking from Viktor Viktoria and
lace body suit,

 The Lace BodyStocking is an opaque black body stocking, consisting of black tights connected to a wide open front lace top, with a choker neckline and deep, deep V-Neck. Remember that despite being called opaque, the Lace BodyStocking is on the sheer side so you’ll want to wear something under or over it.  Why not wear the Lace BodyStocking out under a sexy dress or miniskirt?

You could also keep your Lace BodyStocking hidden under your outfit for a surprise ending to date night. Or why not keep the Lace BodyStocking in the bedroom for a sexy night in.  Get the Lace BodyStocking at Viktor Viktoria and today. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Red Sequin Body Suit: Stun 'Em in the Sequin Body Suit

Do you love the look of sexy items? Why not check out the Sequin Body Suit from Viktor Viktoria and
Sequin Body Suit

The Sequin Body Suit is red halter top style body suit.   Covered in sequins, the Sequin Body Suit is cut slightly like a swimsuit but with a very deep V-neck.  The Sequin Body Suit would look great under skinny jeans as a  going out top.

If you do wear the Sequin Body Suit out on the town, why not grab a cute bandeau top to wear underneath it to prevent wardrobe malfunctions! Or just keep the Sequin Body Suit in the bedroom and watch that special someone drool. Get the Sequin Body Suit at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lace Garter Belt: Be a Goddess in the Lace Garter Belt

Sometimes you get thigh highs, and despite how sexy they are they just won’t stay up.  That’s why you need the Lace Garter Belt from Viktor Viktoria and
lace garter belt

The  Lace Garter Belt  is a simple black garter belt, which snaps to the top of the thigh high keeping it in place. The  Lace Garter Belt  is easy to conceal under a skirt or dress and makes a super sexy surprise at the end of the night.  You can wear the  Lace Garter Belt  under that formal dress to keep your thigh highs in place and feel sexy underneath.

The  Lace Garter Belt  would also be great under a costume for a sexy element or just peeking out from a mini skirt on a night on the town. Or just wear the  Lace Garter Belt  over a pair of booty shorts and a bra for that special someone.  Check out the  Lace Garter Belt  now at Viktor Viktoria and

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zebra Leg Warmers: Be an Animal in the Pink Zebra Leg Warmers!

Are you a fan of legwarmers? Then you’ll dig the wide selection of legwarmers we have available at Viktor Viktoria and, I love these Pink Zebra LegWarmers
Pink Zebra LegWarmers

The Pink Zebra LegWarmers are knee high legwarmers, they have a cool zebra print on a hot pink background. I think that the Pink Zebra Leg Warmers would look awesome with a pair of pointed toe black or hot pink heels.   Wear the Pink Zebra LegWarmers with a mini skirt.

Or why not aim to stand out and wear the Pink Zebra LegWarmers with booty shorts and fishnets for a rave?  You can  wear the Pink Zebra Leg Warmers to the club, the rave or if you want just around town.  Grab the Pink Zebra LegWarmers now at Viktor Viktoria and

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crochet Tights: Be Unique in the Crochet Striped Tights

We have a really great pair of tights on our mannequin that everyone keeps asking about, since they’re so cool.  And I’m sure you’ll also think that the Crochet Striped Tights at Viktor Viktoria and are super cool as well.
crochet tights

The Crochet Striped Tights are crocheted style fishnet tights, they look like someone handmade them.  Except the Crochet Striped Tights are different in that two different thicknesses/styles of stitching are used on the tights making them look like they have stripes. These Crochet Striped Tights are great for wearing under high waisted shorts or booty shorts.  

You could also rock the Crochet Striped Tights under a great dress or skirt as well.  I have a long black skirt I like to wear statement tights under since it looks cool and I think the Crochet Striped Tights are the newest ones I’ll add to my closet. J  Get the Crochet Striped Tights at Viktor Viktoria and today. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Leg Warmers: Keep it Sexy in the Keyhole Leg Warmers!

Are you into wearing unique and cool looking legwarmers? Why not grab the Keyhole Leg Warmers from Viktor Viktoria and

The Keyhole Leg Warmers are black legwarmers that come a bit below the knee, and in the back they have a large keyhole in the back behind the knee.  The keyhole on the Keyhole Leg Warmers has the appearance of being laced up.  You could definitely wear the Keyhole Leg WarmersKeyhole Leg Warmersover a pair of kick ass heels or boots.

I think that the Keyhole Leg Warmers are great for strippers, stay at home moms or just girls who love wearing outfits with attitude!  The Keyhole Leg Warmers would look great with a mini skirt or booty shorts too.  Check out the Keyhole Leg Warmers at Viktor Viktoria and

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Argyle Tights are Awesome

If you are looking for truly unique tights that will turn heads (especially in the warmer months), check out these awesome ArgyleTights from Viktor Viktoria and
argyle tights viktor viktoria

The  ArgyleTights  are long, opaque black tights with an awesome argyle pattern.  As  Argyle  is mostly known for long knee socks in winter the Argyle Tights are definitely head turning for summer.  I think the ArgyleTights  would look great under a little black dress.

Or why not pair a really bright dress with the  ArgyleTights for a cool neon effect?  You could also wear the  ArgyleTights under cute booty shorts or something for a rave. Get the  ArgyleTights now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Net Tights: Add Ooomph to Your Outfit with the Oval Net Tights

I love the look of unique tight, they look great under booty shorts or miniskirts.  So I’m totally loving the Oval Net Tights from Viktor Viktoria and
net tights

These  Oval Net Tights  are black fishnet style tights, except they are a circular shaped fishnet instead of the diamond net style so popular.  The  Oval Net Tights  also have side panels of larger oval shaped netting for a slightly two toned look.  These   Oval Net Tights   would look awesome under some distressed shorts for a really unique look.

Or why not pair the  Oval Net Tights  with a cute little mini skirt and rock the night away.  Summer is perfect for dresses, so you could wear the  Oval Net Tights  under your favorite sundress when the night chills down.  Nab the  Oval Net Tights  now at Viktor Viktoria and