Thursday, September 27, 2012

Glitter Bra Perfect For Your Halloween Costume

Sexy Glitter Bra Is So Hot and perfect for Halloween! Looking for a great sequin bra to wear alone or under your sexy tops?  Can't afford a Victoria's Secret Diamond Bra?  Then our glitter bra is perfect.  We recently recieved another shipment of our sexy Sequin Glitter Bras and we know they will sell out quickly with Halloween rapidly approaching. is adding more sexy tops and glitter bras to our web site daily so be sure to check them all out soon and if you are planning tor order one for a Halloween Costume, we suggest you order quickly as these sequin glitter bras sell quickly from Oct.  1st - Halloween.  
  silver sequin bra, viktor viktoria
  Click here to view sequin bra at Viktor Viktoria
  This bra top looks great alone or under one of our Sexy Viktor Viktoria Drape Tops.  sexy top, viktor viktoria
Viktor Viktoria Sexy Sequin Bra is available in three sizes: Small - 32/34 A/B Cup,   Medium  34/36 B/C  Large  36/38 B/C and they are currently available in black, red, silver and  gold, aqua, hot pink, bronze and several other great sequin colors.  
fishnet top, viktor viktoria 
So if you are looking for a sexy sequin bra, look no further than  You will love the quality and sizing of our Glitter Bras and other sexy tops.  They offer great style as well as coverage so you can be hot yet not too revealing this Halloween or whenever you feel like hitting the Clubs.        

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sexy Costumes at Viktor Viktoria

Yes, we have sexy costumes at  You can buy fully packaged costumes or be creative and put your costume together from Viktor Viktoria pieces.  Are you looking for something new for Halloween this year? Why not go as a sexy leopard; with the help of Viktor Viktoria and, you can go as the sexiest jungle cat out there.  

  Start off with the Grey Leopard Corset, available in both brown and grey tones you could actually chose the color you prefer, but the grey would set you apart as a sexy snow leopard. The corset has a clasp up front and lace up back for cinching, and also has removable straps.  The Grey Leopard Corset has a sweetheart neckline that is super sexy and will make people say “MEOW”.  leopard leggings Pair the Grey Leopard Corset with these Grey Leopard Leggings to be all matchy matchy.  These leggings are tight and sexy, perfect for a sexy jungle cat.  The Grey Leopard Leggings are about ankle length (so why not wear a cute pair of boots).  Add a tail to the back and you’ll be the cutest cat out there.                                                                                                                                       Obviously you’ll need to get a tail and ears to go with your Grey Leopard Corset and Grey Leopard Leggings to make the costume complete, but those are easy to come by at a costume shop.  Viktor Viktoria and are able and willing to help you find all the items you’ll need for your purr-fect Halloween costume. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sexy Devil Costume: Be A Little Devil At Viktor Viktoria

Sexy Devil Costume: Be A Little Devil At Viktor Viktoria Are you hoping to be a sexy devil for Halloween but don’t know where to start? Let Viktor Viktoria and help!    devil costume Grab the Be Wicked Marlene Corset for the red base of your costume.  This corset is a bright scarlet red, with scroll embroidery and removable garter straps.  The Be Wicked Marlene Corset cinches up with laces in the back and has an easy zip up front.  red metallic leggings The bottom of your costume is where the choices come in. You could pair the Be Wicked Marlene Corset with Red Metallic Leggings for a sexy pant look , these leggings are hot and tight! Plus the metallic fabric kinda gives it a rocker vibe.  The Red Metallic Leggings are great if you’re going for more of the Elizabeth Hurley “Bedazzled” look.

If you’re looking for something shorter you could get the Red Sequin Booty Shorts or a Red Tutu! Both of these options give you the opportunity to show skin.  The Red Sequin Booty Shorts are very eyecatching and fun, with lots of sparkles.  The Red Tutu is super fun, very poofy and gives a whimsical touch to your sexy devil!  
Or scrap the two piece idea and go for the Red Ruffle Dress.  This dress is incredibly short and very revealing!  The Red Ruffle Dress is very “Bedazzled” Elizabeth, so you’ll turn heads for sure.   Whether you choose the Be Wicked Marlene Corset with Red Sequin Booty Shorts, Red Tutu or the Red Ruffle Dress add a tail and pitchfork and look smoking!  Get all your sexy costume essentials at Viktor Viktoria and

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sexy Peacock Costume at

Viktor Viktoria and are your sources for sexy costumes - especially if you are a creative person and don't want one of those $19.99 package cheesy costumes.  Sometimes you want to be out there with costumes.  Why not try a sexy peacock costume?  With a few items from Viktor Viktoria and and a glue gun you’ll be set! Grab yourself the Be Wicked Lace Corset in light blue.  This corset features lace overlays, ruffles, polka dots and other extravagant feminine touches.  The Be Wicked Lace Corset has a zip front and back lace for cinching for a sexy look.   Next, wear your Be Wicked Lace Corset with one of our Bright Blue Tutu.  These tutus are very out there, very poofy, very peacock like!  Keep in mind the Bright Blue Tutu is very short so you’ll probably want some booty shorts under it.   Here’s where the crafty part comes in.  You can get peacock feathers in bulk online, and you’ll need a whole bunch.  Also get some elastic while you’re at it.  Now hot glue the feathers to the elastic to create your tail, and maybe make a headdress too!  While it may sound hard, this costume is easy! And with the bright colors of the feathers, Bright Blue Tutu and Be Wicked Lace Corset you’ll make an AWESOME peacock.  Get all your costume needs at Viktor Viktoria and!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sequin Body Suit, Plunge Front Sequin Leotard Is HOT!

If you are looking for a Sequin Body Suit you know they are hared to find.  Well, look no farther.  There is something so sexy about lingerie, it makes you feel great and other’s mouths drop.  That’s why I love the Be Wicked Sequin Body Suit at Viktor Viktoria and     The Be Wicked Sequin Body Suit isn’t your typical bodysuit, the top is loose fitting with a very deep V, with satin panties attached.  If you used double stick tape and wore bottoms (besides just the panties)this would make a sexy going out outfit.  The Be Wicked Sequin Body Suit is covered in delicate sequin all over the top, so it sparkles in the light.   Whether you rock the Be Wicked Sequin Body Suit at the club or  your own home you’ll have them begging for more.  Snag the Be Wicked Sequin Body Suit at Viktor Viktoria and now. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Satin Corsets at Viktor Viktoria.  Corsets are hot this year! Especially, the Satin Corset from Viktor Viktoria and  
The Satin Corset has a cream satin front panel with mesh and strappy overlay detail through the sides and back.  This corset zips up the back and has a lace up detail in the front and straps that can removed.  The cream color of the Satin Corset makes it a great bridal shower gift.  
I like that the Satin Corset has the sheer mesh back, it adds sex appeal, but the straps can add a level of support not normally found on a corset.  Check out the great selection of corsets along with the Satin Corset at Viktor Viktoria and