Friday, November 30, 2012

Look HOT HOT HOT in the Tie Dye Bodysuit

Looking to find some unique lingerie for that special someone?  Then take a look at the Sexy Tie Dye Bodysuit from Viktor Viktoria and
Tie Dye Bodysuit Front View, MEOW!

The Sexy Tie Dye Bodysuit is a really fun and sexy little body suit for a hot night in the bedroom.  Cut like a one piece swimsuit, this body suit is pink and blue tie dyed, with various cut outs on the front and back for a sexier look.  The Sexy Tie Dye Bodysuit would also look cute under a cardigan and with leggings or something for a night out.

Tie Dye Bodysuit Back View
Whether you wear the Sexy Tie Dye Bodysuit inside or out on the town you’ll love the way it looks, and so will your special someone.  Check out the Sexy Tie Dye Bodysuit now at Viktor Viktoria and

Queen Size Lace Halter Dress is Sexy!

Are you a bigger girl, do you have trouble finding sexy lingerie?  Well, have no more problems, Viktor Viktoria and is here with the Queen Size Lace Halter Dress.
Look at that Deep V-Neck!!

The Queen Size Lace Halter Dress is a sexy dress, available in larger sizes for the bigger girls that feel like lingerie stores ignore.  The dress is halter style mini-dress, made of lace material and has a deep V-neck. Pair the Queen Size Lace Halter Dress with a pair of super sexy fishnets and watch your special someone drool .
Back View of Queen Size Halter Dress 
The Queen Size Lace Halter Dress is a great addition to your lingerie collection and could even be worn over  a tank top for a sexy going out tunic.  Grab the Queen Size Lace Halter Dress now at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heat Up the Night in the Daisy Lace Dress

Are you looking for something sexy to wear this weekend? Take a look at the Daisy Lace Dress at Viktor Viktoria and
Daisy Lace Dress Makes a Great Tunic Top!

The Daisy Lace Dress is super sexy and will definitely turn on that special someone.  The dress is made out of a thin black lace, with daisy pattern on the detailing. The Daisy Lace Dress has a deeper V-Neck for an even sexier look to it.

Wear the Daisy Lace Dress out on the town like a tunic top over a cute cami.  Grab the Daisy Lace Dress now at Viktor Viktoria and

Deluxe Rhinestone Bow Tie is a Sweet and Sexy Gift

Looking for a sweet and sexy gift for your special lady this holiday season? Check out the Deluxe Rhinestone Bow Tie from Viktor Viktoria and
Rhinestone Bowtie is a Sweet and Sexy Gift

The Deluxe Rhinestone Bow Tie is a gift that’s sure to make her melt.  Covered in rhinestones and crystals, this necklace is sure to make a statement with any entrance.  The Deluxe Rhinestone Bow Tie would be a great gift before your next holiday party.

Or buy the Deluxe Rhinestone Bow Tie for yourself and pair it with your next formal gown.  Get the Deluxe Rhinestone Bow Tie now at Viktor Viktoria and

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Find Bliss with the Good Works Bliss Buckle Bracelet

Are you looking for a great Holiday gift this year?  I think that the certain friends in your life will love the Good Works Bliss Buckle Bracelet from Viktor Viktoria and
Find Bliss with this Good Works Bracelet 
The Good Works Bliss Buckle Bracelet is a gorgeous leather cuff bracelet.  The bracelet is covered in glitter material, with single phrases like “Dream”, “Peace” and “Hope”.  The closure on the Good Works Bliss Buckle Bracelet is a secure buckle closure so you’ll never lose your bracelet.

Give the Good Works Bliss Buckle Bracelet as gift this season to a good friend (or even get one yourself).  Snag the Good Works Bliss Buckle Bracelet now at Viktor Viktoria and

You'll Love the Good Works Cherish Bracelet

Good Works has come up with great new bracelets and Viktor Viktoria and has them!!  You’ll love the Good Works Cherish Bracelet.
Gorgeous New Good Works Bracelets 
The Good Works Cherish Bracelet is a totally different style of Good Works Bracelets.  The bracelet is made of studded leather buckles, held together by longer silver links that feature Good Works Signature phrases.  The Good Works Cherish Bracelet silver links have phrases like “Hope”, “Dream” and “Believe” on them.

The Good Works Cherish Bracelet would also make a great gift for the holidays.  Check out the Good Works Cherish Bracelet now at Viktor Viktoria and

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sexy Dress, Fishnet Stockings & Rhinestone Earring For A Hot Holiday Weekend!

Do you have a fun night out on the town planned for next weekend with your honey or just the girls? You’ll want something to catch their eyes so shop and check out some of these great items!
 sexy dress leg avenue
  Why not make jaws drop in the Sexy Dress? This short, black, satiny dress gets the Rhinestone Strap Dress name from the cute, larger-sized decorative rhinestone pieces on the strap.  The Sexy Dress looks great paired with sky-high heels and the Bow Seam Fishnets. bow seam fishnets
Since December is still chilly you may want something like the Bow Seam Fishnets to cover your legs.   The Bow Seam Fishnets have the Cuban-heel style like back seam up the leg with little black bows attached to the seam.  The bows on the Bow Seam Fishnets end right about where the hem of the Rhinestone Strap Dress hits so they won’t conflict. rhinestone earrings
  With the drape neck of the Rhinestone Strap Dress you don’t need a necklace, but the Dramatic Rhinestone Earrings add some sparkle and drama.  The Dramatic Rhinestone Earrings are post earrings with a diamond shaped stone attached to a ring of stones that have stone dangles connected.  The Dramatic Rhinestone Earrings are large and very eye catching, perfect for a night on the town. 

Whether single or attached can make you look hot!  Get the Rhinestone Strap Dress, Bow Seam Fishnets and Dramatic Rhinestone Earrings today and make em drool.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Free Shipping Cyber Monday Viktor Viktoria

Free Shipping On All Orders Cyber Monday Only!  Your chance to buy yourself a gift in addition to all your Holiday purchases.  Shop today!
free shipping

Brazilian Jeans, Chaser Fleece & Good Works Bracelets For Your New Looks

Are you looking for a more casual chic wardrobe?  If so check out for all these great items, to expand your wardrobe. black brazilian jeans
  Hop on the trendy bandwagon with Colored Brazilian Jeans.  These Colored Brazilian Jeans are all the rage throughout Hollywood and make your butt look Fab-u-lous!  Colored Brazilian Jeans look great with anything from tees to blazers. lost angels chaser fleece
  The Chaser LA Lost Angels Fleece is great for casual chic looks.  The Chaser LA Lost Angels Fleece is a loose fitting, off the shoulder look that can’t be beat.  Your Chaser LA Lost Angels Fleece will look amazing with the Colored Brazilian Jeans. good works justice wrap
  Why not add the perfect accessory to the above look?  Grab the Good Works Justice Wrap Bracelet.  The bright colors and unique style of the Humanity Justice Wrap make it the perfect accessory for that carefree casual look.  The best part of the Good Works Justice Wrap Bracelet is that with each purchase Humanity donates part of the proceeds to charity. 

With some simple additions to your wardrobe from you’ll find your new look right on track.  These pieces all work together or work separately to make even more great stylish looks.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rhinestone Jewelry For Holiday Fun At Viktor Viktoria

 If you have a girl in your life who loves to wear sparkly jewelry, but you can’t afford to keep the habit going all year round; you need to check out the great selection of Rhinestone Jewelry available at
.  rhinestone bracelet
  If you have a girl who loves bracelets check out the great 5-Row Rhinestone Bracelet.  This 5-Row Rhinestone Curved Bracelet is has an easy open/close clasp for shortening time spent putting it on and off.  The 5-Row Rhinestone Bracelet is curved for easier fit, yet it sparkles in the light and it’s perfect for any girl who loves jewelry on your list. lariat necklace
  If she’s more of a necklace girl (like I am), then you need to grab her one of our awesome Rhinestone Lariat Necklaces.  The Rhinestone Lariat Necklace sparkles in the light, and with its long length it’s perfect for low cut shirts and dresses for a sexy look.  The entire chain of the Rhinestone Lariat Necklace is rhinestone and slips through the ring and can be adjusted to the perfect size.
3-row rhinestone earrings
  Of course there are some girls who only like earrings, and if you have that kind of girl in your life take a look at the 3-Row Rhinestone Earrings.  These 3-Row Rhinestone earrings feature 3 drop chains of Rhinestones and reach about shoulder length.  Perfect for a girl who loves the look of dramatic earrings or the girl who loves dazzling jewelry, you can’t go wrong with the 3-Row Rhinestone Earrings

These are all great looking pieces of Rhinestone Jewelry, sure to make her smile.  They’re perfect for someone who wants to give the look of dazzling jewelry but can’t afford the price tag.  Take a peek at the 3-Row Rhinestone Earrings, the 5-Row Rhinestone Bracelet and the Rhinestone Lariat Necklaces now at

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sparkle Bracelet: Rhinestone Bracelets Add Glitter To Your Wrists

Rhinestone Bracelets: Stunning Rhinestone Bangles will make you shine like the Dancing With The Stars Dancers - Even If You Have Two Left Feet!
Love to Waltz? Do a Mean Fox Trot?  No matter if you can dance the night away or can barely walk without tripping over your own feet, we hope you are a fan of Dancing With The Stars.  If you do watch Dancing With The Stars every week  you are, hopefully, watching the fashions as well as the dancing.  If you are, you have surely noticed all the bling the dancers wear.  This bling inclues Rhinestone Bracelets and Rhinestone Earrings.  "Dancing With The Stars" is equals glitz and if you want that look, check out for the great sparkle Jewelry the dancers wear.
bangle bracelet
Rhinestone Bracelets are a super hot addition to most of the costumes.  For those of us that like bling, we know that a Rhinestone Bracelet is the perfect accent to any outfit from fancy to casual.  So if you are looking for some sexy Rhinestone Bracelets to wear while hitting the dance floor we suggest Viktor Viktoria and www.viktorviktoriashop.comas your source for sexy Rhinestone Bangles.
At Viktor Viktoria and we have just received a great new collection of Rhinestone Bracelets. These rhinestone bangle bracelets feature a diagonal design and would look great alone or piled on with several other similar Rhinestone Bracelets or combined with other styles of sparkle bracelets or metallic bracelets. rhinestone bangle
Wear one or several of these Rhinestone Bracelets and just shine!  These new Rhinestone Bracelets at would also look great combined with any of your other Bracelets to add just a little extra touch of sparkle! Why not wear this Rhinestone Bangle with a Rhinestone Choker!
 Rhinestone Bracelets are available in Black, Clean, Multi, Pink, Purple and Red. You will want them all! I usually wear one of the Rhinestone clear bangles with a second multi color Rhinestone Bangle for extra sparkle and as I said, whenever I do wear these Rhinestone Bangles people actually stop me to as where I got them because they look so great!
 Also remember if you need a large quantity of this Rhinestone Bangle or any other Rhinestone item for your wedding, theatre production, dance concert we can obtain them for you.
So shop online at to check out our new Rhinestone Bracelets. We think you will love our Rhinestone Bangles and want several for your collection.
Now that Dancing With The Stars is here, Rhinestone Bracelets are a must for all Viktor Viktoria Vixens. If you have been checking out the Fall Fashions you must have noticed that Rhinestone Bracelets and assorted sparkle Bracelets are going to be very big accessories to update your looks. Rhinestone Bracelets look great with a little dress or your club wear. I pile on three to four Rhinestone Bracelets on my left wrist with every outfit and everyone comments on how great they look.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Purple Sequin Booty Shorts Are Bootylicious!

Purple Sequin Booty Shorts are a must have item for your clubbing wardrobe.  Booty Shorts can be worn alone if you are brave or your Sequin Booty Shorts can be worn beneath your sexy mini dress or skirt.  Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Why not grab something that’s sure to draw attention? The Purple Sequin Booty Shorts are available at
purple sequin booty shorts,

These Purple Sequin Booty Shorts are a longer length short; they’re perfect for dance recitals.  The Purple Sequin Booty Shorts are incredibly sexy over a set of fishnets or pantyhose.   Wear your Purple Sequin Booty Shorts with a pair of knee high boots, or sky high stilettos. The Purple Sequin Booty Shorts will look amazing dancing in the lights of the club or shining in the lights of the bedroom.  

The Purple Sequin Booty Shorts are great for Raves or concerts (especially with Fluffies).  Grab the Purple Sequin Booty Shorts now at

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sequin Booty Shorts: Sparkle In Sequinned Booty Shorts Tonight

Sequin Booty Shorts are a must this season.  When you want to sparkle underneath it all for either a special someone or just to feel gorgeous, get the Sequin Booty Shorts from
sequin booty shorts,

Viktor Viktoria's  Sequin Booty Shorts are a bit longer length short, that keeps the lady bits covered but keeps you standing out.  The Sequin Booty Shorts look A-Mazing over a pair of sexy fishnets or pantyhose.  The Sequin Booty Shorts also look sexy on their own, or with the Sequin Tube Top.
black sequin booty shorts,

When you’re going out on the town, or going into the bedroom you’ll want the Sequin Booty Shorts.  Available in tons of great colors (and with matching Sequin Tube Tops), the Sequin Booty Shorts are perfect for a girl who loves to stand out.  Snag the Sequin Booty Shorts now at

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sexy Dress: Red Star Dress Perfect For Holiday Fun

Are you looking for a unique dress for a holiday party? How about for a sexy night in? Look no further than the Sequin Stars Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and sequin star dress,

  The Sequin Stars Sexy Dress is super tight and very hot! You’re sure to heat things up with an open back styling and low cut front; the Sequin Stars Sexy Dress also has red sequin and black stars.  If you don’t want to keep your Sequin Stars Sexy Dress in the bedroom, you can wear it as a tunic style top, or swimsuit cover-up. sequin star dress,

  With its sparkly red color, the Sequin Stars Sexy Dress is great for the holidays.  I love the look of the Sequin Stars Sexy Dress over leggings with a sexy black shrug on top.  

Get your Sequin Stars Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sexy Red Dress: Drape Front Foil Dress Is Hot

If you’re looking to get the most out of the remaining “warm days” of fall and want to get a brand new sexy dress, or need  a new sexy dress for a special event; then check out this great new Red Foil Sexy Dress in stock now at  red dress,

The Red Foil Sexy Dress features a cowl neck and foiled look, along with a ruffled skirt bottom. The Red Foil Sexy Dress would look great in the club or in the bedroom! It can easily be paired with some sexy boots or heels and leggings if you’re looking to not show off all your legs. The Red Foil Sexy Dress would also be great as a sexy devil costume. 

Check out the Red Foil Sexy Dress as well as all the other sexy dresses and items available now for purchase at

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tights: Opaque Tights For Fall Fun

Opaque Tights at Viktor Viktoria and are great for your Fall fashion looks.  Do you like making a statement? I do; I love having people come up and compliment me on my clothing style or beauty regimen.  Standing out in a crowd is sometimes hard to do but Viktor Viktoria and have just the ticket.  Our newest line Be Wicked has some great Opaque Tights in fantastic colors!
blue opaque tights green tights
These Opaque Tights are perfect under minis, with the new shorts over tights trend or under a little black dress for a night out.  These Opaque Tights are bright colored and unable to be missed! When you’ve got a super fun outfit planned or just want your plain old LBD to stand out you need a pair of these Opaque Tights.
pink tights
 Grab one of our great tunic tops or tees and a pair of these Opaque Tights in your favorite color and you’re set to go for the night! With bright colors all the rage nowadays people will be stopping you to ask about these great Opaque Tights and where you got them. Just tell them Viktor Viktoria has Opaque Tights in a wide array of colors!
As we said, in addition to you fashion looks you can also use these opaque tights for your Halloween Costumes as they are available in six colors (Orange, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple and Green)  At under $10 each, these Opaque Tights are priced just right that you can own a pair in every color!  Stop into Viktor Viktoria or visit and pick up a pair or six of your very own Be Wicked Opaque Tights.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Petticoats, Tutus A Must For Fashion Fun

Petticoats, Tutus are sexy and fun!
petticoat is perfect for many occasions.   At Viktor Viktoria and we have noticed a great increase in the sale of petticoats and tutus.  Many of the girls who shop in our store are buying petticoats to wear as actual skirts.   petticoat, tutu, viktor viktoria
  Click here to view petticoats at Viktor Viktoria

You could easily wear a petticoat as a skirt, under your poodle skirt or in the bedroom and have a great night.  Viktor Viktoria and are your source for petticoats so visit us today.  We have  neon petticoats, sequin petticoats, multi color petticoats, long petticoats and super short tutu style petticoats.  

Now is a great time to wear a Viktor Viktoria petticoat!

One last thought:  Are you with a theater group, dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc?  Need a large quantity of petticoats?  Call us at 414 479 9860 and ask for Ann.  We can help you!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nippies, Pasties Look Great Under Sexy Viktor Viktoria Tops

When a bra or a bandeau isn’t an option what do you reach for? Well the Nippies at Viktor Viktoria and of course! nippies, The Nippies are whimsical pasties in tons of shapes and colors, great for anyone! Perfect for under sexy tops and dresses, the Nippies add a bit of fun should a nip-slip occur (bet Janet Jackson wishes she had these on during the Super Bowl)!  Much less frustrating that those stick-on backless numbers, the Nippies are easy to apply and painless to remove. nippies, Nippies have been worn by stars like Rihanna under tops and blazers.  And with so many styles to choose you can’t beat the selection Nippies give you!  Check out all the great patterns and styles of Nippies at Viktor Viktoria and

Monday, November 12, 2012

Serenity Prayer Good Works Bracelets at Viktor Viktoria

Serenity Prayer Good Works Bracelets also known as Humanity Bracelets are back in stock at  Every since we started carrying Good Works Bracelets, they have been big sellers and certain styles, including this Serenity Bracelet, sell out quickly. 

Serenity Prayer Good Works Bracelets are a reminder of commitment, love and reasons to believe.  Depending on your style, this Serenity Bracelet can be worn alone or with other Good Works Bracelets or Bangle Bracelets or if you are like me with your Rhinestone Bangle. Serenity Good Works Bracelets
Serenity Prayer Good Works Bracelets feature the Serenity Prayer we all know and need. Good Works Wrap Serenity Prayer Bracelets are available in great Matte and Metallic colors and are one size fits all.
Serenity Good Works Bracelets
 Worn by the stars, you will love the Good Works Bracelets for many reasons:  the style, the messages such as the one one the Serenity Bracelet and the fact that the Good Works Company donates 25% of their profits to actually DO good works.  Yes, Good Works, owned by Helena donates money to Breast Cancer Research, has helped build homes in New Orleans and has contributed to the American Heart Association.  It isn't often you find a company that actually is about more and profit and this is a big reason loves the Good Works Company.  Yes, Good Works do make a difference!Serenity Good Works Bracelets

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shiny Leggings, Metallic Leggings, Liquid Leggings at Viktor Viktoria

Shiny Leggings are the perfect leggings! Shiny Leggings come in so many different colors and different sizes that they work for anybody with any outfit! If you’re looking for something to spice up your outfit (whether it be for the club, for a Halloween party or anything) Shiny Leggings are definitely the Leggings to get!  As was mentioned, Shiny Leggings come in many different colors such as: Silver Metallic Leggings:
silver metallic leggings
  Kelly Green Leggings:
kelly green leggings
  Red Metallic Leggings:
red metallic leggings
  Black Metallic Leggings:
black metallic leggings

  And so many other colors of Shiny Leggings are available at! Viktor Viktoria and www.viktorviktoriashop.com are your one stop shops for sexy leggings!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fur Boot Covers: Fuzzies, Fluffies Are Perfect For The Rave

Confetti Boot Covers keep the party hot! If you want to look hot at a party, you have to get the Confetti Boot Covers. They are basically heavy weight leg warmers, and they look good with almost anything! Confetti Boot Covers are a must have for anyone who wants to look good anytime! At the club, at a party, you name it, these Boot Covers will make you look HOT! I have a pair of Confetti Boot Covers, and I absolutely adore them. I wear them to parties, the club, and to concerts.   I always get asked where I got them. And I always get compliments on how great they look! There is no denying that with Confetti Boot Covers, not only do you look good, but you get a lot of attention! More Boot Covers and Leg Warmers Available at Viktor Viktoria! Confetti Boot Covers are available at Viktor Viktoria and! Viktor Viktoria and are your one stop shops for legwarmers, boot covers, tights, and of course, sexy outfits!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lace Tights: Perfect For Fall, Lacey Tights

Lace Tights, including floral lace tights, have always been a staple at Viktor Viktoria and!

Recently Instyle Magazine did a survey to determine if their readers would wear lace tights.  I guess this is a new trend in the fashion world.  Well, at this trend is not really a trend it is a fashion reality as we have been selling lace tights to match our customer's outfits for many, many years.  We love the look of lace tights with little black dresses, mini skirts and even peaking out of a long black skirt.  Lace tights just add that touch of sexiness that Viktor Viktoria Vixens demand.

Click here to view Lace Tights at Viktor Viktoria

As you can see from Instyle, major stars are picking up on the lace tight style.   Myley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Taylor Mamsen wear lace tights with little black dresses.  These lace tights look great with each outfit because they kept their dress simple and let the black lace tights make a statement on their own.

At Viktor Viktoria and you will find a huge collection of lace tights to add to your wardrobe.  These tights are one size fits most and will dress up any outfit - just don't pair them with anything too crazy!

Click here to view Lace Tights at Viktor Viktoria

So shop online at and check out our great collection of Lace Tights.  In addition to these lace tights, we also have opaque tights, fishnet tights, striped tights, patterned tights and many more styles of tights.  You will be able to find a style of tights to match your little black dress or any outfit you may have.  I am now wearing lace tights on an almost daily basis and have declared this my new signature accessory for winter!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

So True, the I Wanna Rock All Night Onesie!

Most new moms will tell you about how their little one doesn’t seem to want to sleep at night. That’s why I think the I Wanna Rock All Night Onesie at Viktor Viktoria and is so great!

The I Wanna Rock All Night Onesie will hopefully get a chuckle out of those new mom’s struggling to catch some zzz’s at night.  The black onesie has a white screenprint on the front declaring “I Wanna Rock All Night and Potty Everyday”.  Many new moms (or yourself) will agree that the I Wanna Rock All Night Onesie is very true of new babies!

The I Wanna Rock All Night Onesie is great for layering to keep your little one warm, or perfect for sleeping in.  Check out the I Wanna Rock All Night Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and

Mickey Mouse Onesie is Perfect for Disney Lovers!

I grew up in a Disney-loving household, and I know my children will also grow up in the same situation.  So I should probably buy the Mickey Mouse Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and

The Mickey Mouse Onesie is a bright red onesie, with a snap crotch closure for easy changing.  The front of the red onesie has a large image of Mickey’s smiling face!  I know that the Mickey Mouse Onesie is a red color, but I think it could be worn by either boys or girls.

If you love Disney you’ll also love the Mickey Mouse Onesie.  So get your hands on the Mickey Mouse Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and

Friday, November 2, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Over, but the I Love Boobies Onesie is Still Here!

October is breast cancer awareness month, and although it’s almost over, you can keep the love of breasts alive year round.   Just get the I Love Boobies Onesie from Viktor Viktoria and

The I Love Boobies Onesie is a super cute onesie, perfect for layers in the fall and winter.  On the front of the black onesie is the phrase “I Love Boobies”, with love replaced as a red heart symbol.  The I Love Boobies Onesie has a snap crotch closure, perfect for easy changes.

The I Love Boobies Onesie also makes a great baby shower gift, especially for a baby born in October.   Snag the I Love Boobies Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and

The I Like to Drink and Pass Out Onesie, Perfect for Silly Parents

Sometimes you just want to make people laugh, and I think sometimes babies are a great way to go!  So grab yourself the I Like to Drink and Pass Out Onesie from Viktor Viktoria and

The I Like to Drink and Pass Out Onesie is a great onesie for layering in the colder weather, and perfect for describing a young baby.   On the front of the onesie it says (in white) “I Like to Drink and Pass Out.  Just Like My Dad.”  I think that the I Like to Drink and Pass Out Onesie is a perfect black onesie for layering.

The I Like to Drink and Pass Out Onesie is great for making people laugh, especially if dad is right there with baby.  Snag the I Like to Drink and Pass Out Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Release Onesie is Perfect for Newborns!

Did someone you know just have a baby? Then get them the perfect gift of the New Release Onesie at Viktor Viktoria and

The New Release Onesie is an adorable gift for a newborn baby.  Made out of black cotton material, the front of the onesie features a screenprint that says “New Release”.  The New Release Onesie has a snap crotch closure for easy changes, and is great for adding bottoms and hoodies to.

The New Release Onesie is a great baby shower gift, or perfect for buying for your own baby.  Snag the New Release Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and

Have a Superhero Baby in the Superman Romper!

Halloween may have come and gone, however you’ll love to keep dressing your little bambino in the Superman Romper from Viktor Viktoria and

The Superman Romper is a great gift for any comic book nerd parents, or if you want your little one to have your love of comics.  The romper has long sleeves and full pants, made to look just like Superman’s costume, it has a hood and a detachable cape.  The Superman Romper zips from the collar to the crotch, so it’s great for easy changes.

You’re sure to get lots of looks and laughs when you have your little one in the Superman Romper.  Check out the Superman Romper now at Viktor Viktoria and