Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It is never to early for back to school metallic leggings

Wow, Summer is flying by and here come all the commercials for back to school apparel and supplies. Now is the time for your dance team, sorority, or cheer club to pre-order your school spirit metallic leggings. Be sure to get the bold colors and quantities you need to kick this fall semester off right. The metallic leggings are available in every color and all the sizes that you could need. Be sure to show your powder puff team support by bringing some shine to the field. College football teams are already practicing and need your support to cheer on a victory. So get your girls together and pick out your metallic leggings now. Contact www.viktorviktoriashop.com with large quantity orders and get an early bird discount. 

liquid leggings

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bring out your inner rocker chick with a silver dangle cross ear cuff

Rock this Summer's hottest accessory now by cuffing your ear with a silver dangle cross ear cuff. This retro inspired silver cross ear cuff is the perfect accessory for any music festival, concert, club, or biker rally. The light-weight dangle chain and multi silver crosses are all the rage. The adjustable ear cuff clips anywhere on the ear cartilage and the wire cross earring slips into any 18 gauge piercing. If crosses aren't your thing, be sure to check out the other styles of ear cuffs and dangle ear cuffs at www.viktorviktoriashop.com.                                                              
dangle crosses ear cuff

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

dangles and chains ear cuff oh my

Nothing screams cool, fun, and funky like a dangle chain ear cuff from www.viktorviktoriashop.com. This silver chain and sparkle rhinestone ear cuff is the hottest accessory this Summer. With so many 80's inspired looks available this season, the return of the ear cuff is top of the list. The silver chain dangle ear cuff clips on the upper ear cartilage and attaches to the rhinestone pierced earring on the bottom.  

ear cuff

Check out all the ear cuff styles at www.viktorviktoriashop.com.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Whiskey is making everyone frisky this Summer: Whiskey makes me frisky tee

If you're looking for the perfect drinking tee, check out the Whisky Makes Me Frisky Tee at  www.viktorviktoriashop.com. This T-rex design has always been a great bar shirt or party tee. 
a lil whiskey makes me friskey tee
Now in Grey

We have the Whisky Makes Me Frisky Tee in black, cut out neck, gray and v-neck.
Wear the Whisky Makes Me Frisky Tee out to the bar and you’re sure to get a few free shots.  

v-neck whiskey makes me friskey

Check out this Whiskey makes me frisky tee shirt at www.viktorviktoriashop.com today!